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[IP] Silhouette disconnecting

While we are talking about disconnecting, I have an easy question.

I disconnect before my morning shower.

Prior to reconnecting, I do a prime to get insulin to come back all the way
to the end of the needle.

Here's the tricky part.  I am holding the end of the tubing (the end that
attaches to me) in my left hand.  I am  holding the pump in my right hand.
I have dialed up about .8 units for a prime.  I have both hands at eye level
so I can see when the insulin starts to come out.  

What I noticed is that if I raise the pump hand and lower the tubing end
hand, the amount of air in the end of the line gets smaller.  If I raise the
tubing end and lower the pump end, the amount of air in the line gets

What do you folks do when priming just prior to reconnecting?

Paul Delau

<<Yes, the "cap" for a Silhouette is the detachable back clip that's also
> at the end of the hose. The other half is the same as the base half
> attached to
> you.
> None. Look at the caps. There is an open hole where the hose is normally
> connected, and it's actually the same part sans hose. They don't SEAL
> anything, 
> I think it's mainly supplied for people who worry about trivia..... or
> tend
> to get large amounts of mud on the site when detached, maybe? <Grin>

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