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Re: [IP] tape question

"Julie VanCalbergh, CTRS" wrote:
> when i was "trained" on my pump, i use sof-sets and they had me insert the
> set, then put the tape with the hole in it over the set to hold it in
> place, and then a piece of polyskin (or whatever) over it wihtout cutting
> a hole in it.  What is hte point of cutting a hole? 

The hole lets the tape lie flatter on the set base to try to keep it there
with less risk of rolling over. The overtaping is supposed to keep things
passinbg by from catching on it. I much prefer the Comforts/Silhouettes/Tenders
system of attaching a wider, flatter base with a large tape UNDER it. Just
seems a lot more sensible to me.

 are there any risks
> of infection because of hte hole from where hte needle was?

Not too much with reasonable care. Problems usually happen when the canula
has been crimped or flexed unduly which may cause damage undr the surface.

Ted Quick
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