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Re: [IP] Reactions to tape

I have a lot of problems with adhesive allergies so
the nurse practitioner had me try a cannulla-less
tender as it is the least likely to cause problems
in her experience.  I have enough problems I thought
I out to be sure I could use the pump before getting
the insurance company to approve it.  I haven't had
any problems yet, and I am hoping that the adhesive
used on the tender's is just one I won't have a 
reaction to.

I started getting some skin irritation when I
removed the tender that was caused by removing the
tender, not the adhesive.  Using an adhesive remover
solved that.

The only problem I have is if I need to put anti-
biotic ointment on a site, I have to use a large
band-aid since even the flexible fabric bandaids
I can usually tolerate for a day give me problems
when placed where the tender adhesive has been.

who whould do almost anything to keep pumping and
hopes no allergy develops!
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