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[IP] Separate lists

Michael -

As you know I am for separate lists.  I am getting buried and I am
constantly struggling with whether I should go to digest.  Don't you have
the lists archived under topic?  Can't that transfer to this list?.  I have
mentioned topic lists.  Like 5-6 and time permitting people could
subscribe/unsubscribe to various lists.  I am sure some of the sages (and I
hope to get there sometime) will hang around to give meaningful advice.

People would have to categorize their own messages or they would simply
land in the catch-all called chat.  so if I was answering a wannabe/newbie
question, I would address it to that list.  I am sure, I would subscribe to
that list at least part of the time.  there could be a list for 

useful info
chat or general

Couldn't it be automated? I understand you are busy...Thank you for your
time, Michael, you and this list have helped so many thankful people.   I
am sure you do not get the appreciation that you are due.....(actually it
might be impossible...you and your list have helped so many) Your efforts
have made a significant difference in Lauren's and my life.

diane massey

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