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Re: [IP] safety loop

Ted Quick wrote:
> "Jennifer G." wrote:
> >
> > How would a safety loop be done with the Sofsets?  Thanks!
> T'ain't easy! I had a fun time making that work, only way was to
> tape down the hose just below the QR disconnect. Makes me glad I
> use Comforts now....

Well, the CDE's taught me to make it fairly small and between the button
and the disconnect. Seems to work OK; my biggest problem is that the
IV3000 is too stretchy and not sticky enough, and starts coming up
within 24 hours. So even if it seems stuck down around the set, it
stretches and allows the cannula (?) to come up, and set before last, I
got a kink without knowing it. 

So I used Polyskin for the next set, and my skin got red on the edges. 

So I decided to try a Silhouette again -- this time, it hurt a little
going in, but I've had it in for 2 hours now, and I don't feel it at all
-- so we'll see if I might be able to succeed with Silhouettes after

Going to the cardiologist tomorrow -- wonder if he's ever seen apump

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