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Re: [IP] here's news indeed

It really gets me that we are lumped in with gamblers, alcoholics and mental
illnesses, but it doesn't surprise me.   When I went to get my drivers license
in Maryland, the application listed several (shall we say problems or diseases)
items in which if you had any of them you need a letter from your doctor saying
you were capable of driving.  On this list was Schizophrenia, alcoholism,
Diabetes, Alzheimer's, and various Muscular diseases.  I couldn't believe my
eyes.    Do they really think that an alcoholic that is drinking is going to
tell them they drink or that a person with Schizophrenia acknowledges they have


email @ redacted wrote:
> bet this warms the cockles of your heart...
> from an AP article by LAURENCE ARNOLD
> Gambling Report Stirs Debate
> WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than 5 million Americans are pathological or problem
> gamblers and another 15 million are at risk of becoming so, according to a
> survey commissioned by a national panel studying the impact of gambling.
> The findings of the National Opinion Research Center drew immediate criticism
> from the gambling industry, which said the report contains sensational
> language and material designed to put gambling in a harsh light.
> Even so, the report gives some ammunition to defenders of legalized gambling
> by putting the annual cost of compulsive gambling at $5 billion, well below
> the costs of such social problems as mental illness, alcohol abuse, diabetes
> and traffic accidents.....
> SOOOOOO - now we are considered a SOCIAL problem like mental illness and
> alcohol abuse...swelll - what next....maybe we ought to be hidden the
> bathrooms to take out shots, or required to wear strait jackets in public...
> Just HOW is diabetes a SOCIAL problem like these other things???
> so I am pissed....Just in case you want the rest of the report....
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