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Re: [IP] FAQ on Mixing Insulin?

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Laurel and Wayne wrote:

> Is there a FAQ dealing with how to determine if you might benefit from a
> switch from straight humalog to a mixture and, if so, how to do the mixing?
>  I have checked the IP homepage and did not see one.
Not yet, the number of folks using a mix is still relatively small so the 
info we've gathered is not completely definitive. The empirical evidence 
suggests that mixing V or R with the H prolongs the useful life of the 
set (that is the case with my daughter) and smooths the sometime jagged 
up downs of H when taken in larger amounts (several reports from mixers). 
The mix can be tailored in ratio to best suit your personal post-prandial 
digestion characteristics. H is to fast for some folks with most food, 
particularly if you have begun to suffer gastro side effects from your 

See the ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS page and look at the percentage of folks 
using various mixes. The predominate mix if 5 parts H + 1 part V.

This pretty much mimics the onset of H without the quick drop at the end 
and is favored by most mixers. The lower ratios are used by those who 
have found them to work better. YMMV here and you should try 5/1 for a 
few days then 4/1. If 4/1 seems better then try 3/1, etc....

heh... heh.... this is the FAQ, you're reading it!

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