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Re: [IP] ewww gross

Sara wrote:

>The following article appeared in the _Irish Times_, Monday 22 March:
>If antibiotics won't clear a surface infection, you now have an alternative --
>maggots.  Clinical trials have shown that the larvae of the common greenbottle
>fly, _lucilia sericata_, can help clear up infected wounds and promote
>The technique, being described in some quarters as 'biosurgery', involves
>applying the larvae to the wound and allowing them to begin digesting material
>found there.  Particularly good results have been reported, they said, in the
>the treatment of deep infected ulcers which are a common feature of diabetes.

I wonder if the little critters can be trained to ingest extra
carbohydrates. Hmmm ... a dozen Oreos, some Ben and Jerry's, a couple
maggots, a small bolus and you're set for the evening <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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