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Re: Re: [IP] Silhouette

Ronee wrote:

>Hi everyone.  I just started on saline yesterday.  So far so good.  I am using
>the Sillhouette. II tried both and did not have a problem with either).  I'm
>not sure what "cap" you are talking about.  This morning I needed to
>disconnect to take a shower and realized I left the portion to close both ends
>(is that the cap?) at the endo's office.  I opened up a new set and had a hard
>time figuring out what went where so I just took my shower.without capping.
>Now I'm nervous about what damage I might have done.  We spent a long time on

As others have stated, there was likely no damage done. Many don't use the
cap. I didn't use the one on the "body side" of the set for a long time,
until ...

I was showering one morning, and rubbed the bar of soap across the open end
of the set on my abdomen. A large chunk of soap scraped off, stuck on the
base of the set, really wedged itself in there. I ended up changing the
cannula. No big deal, but neither is putting on that part of the protective
cap when I shower. I just leave a spare one in the bathroom cabinet. If I
forget, it's no crisis, I just need to be careful with the bar of soap.
You'll get comfortable with a routine that works for you. "Don't sweat the
small stuff" <g>

Bob Burnett

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