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email @ redacted wrote:
> WeLL everything WAS o.k.   I noticed that there is some blood under the tape
> in the center of the silhoutee tape.   Why would that happen?  

As with shotsit's possible to nick a capillary. In some cases it will be
held closed by the canula until you move in such a way as to separate them,
nick oone independently. Not a big problem, though when you start pumping
it's a good idea to do extra blood tests to be sure it hasn't influenced
If so, THEN start a new site.

 i guess I have
> to change the site but right now I'm at work so I will have to wait until I go
> home.  Is this dangerous. 

Not as long as it doesn't get infected, and that's not very likely under the
base tape. A Band-Aid with some ointment after taking out the set may be in 
order, but no unusual treatment should be needed.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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