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Re: [IP] Silhouette

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi everyone.  I just started on saline yesterday.  So far so good.  I am using
> the Sillhouette. II tried both and did not have a problem with either).  I'm
> not sure what "cap" you are talking about.  This morning I needed to
> disconnect to take a shower and realized I left the portion to close both ends
> (is that the cap?) at the endo's office.  

Yes, the "cap" for a Silhouette is the detachable back clip that's also found
at the end of the hose. The other half is the same as the base half attached to

I opened up a new set and had a hard
> time figuring out what went where so I just took my shower.without capping.

I gave up putting the things on at least 4.49 years ago, been using such sets 
for 4.5 years.....

> Now I'm nervous about what damage I might have done. 

None. Look at the caps. There is an open hole where the hose is normally
connected, and it's actually the same part sans hose. They don't SEAL anything, 
I think it's mainly supplied for people who worry about trivia..... or tend
to get large amounts of mud on the site when detached, maybe? <Grin>

Anyway, if you detach to shower the base gets washed clean when YOU do, 
and the seal is within the base. Look in the hole when you are detached,
or on a used set, and notice the little rubber seal that the connector needle
goes through. It's basically the same as the rubber vial top you put your
syringe needle through to fill it with insulin. Would be a bit hard to pump 
insulin unders pressure if there wasn't a sealed connection there, right?

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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