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Re: [IP] Reactions to tape

> have a question though. I have problems with adhesives. Whenever i have
> blood drawn or an iv in, my skin breaks out in a red raised rash. They
> now use paper? tape on me. Can paper? tape be used with the pump? If
> not, is ther anything that can be used that won't irriate my skin too
> much. If I have to change sites more often, then I will do that. Any
> suggestions will be greatly apprecited.

You better do a skin test before sticking something on for several days. 
Get a sample of Tegaderm, Polyskin, IV3000, the "milipore" tape at the 
drugstore and anything else you can find and stick a small piece on your 
tummy for a day or two to see what happens. Hope for one that does not 
bother you. Also, do this with the adhesive on a sofset and sil/tender by 
either peeling some of a set and sticking on your skin. Ask for extra 
samples of each set type and explain your reason.

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