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Re: [IP] Reactions to tape


I have the same problem with adhesives (not that bad though)  I had surgery and
the tapes they used blistered me. I was able to use paper and cloth tape (which
doesn't stick well to me).   This concerned me when I considered the pump, I
didn't want to not be able to use it because of the tape.  I asked minimed to
send me samples of the tapes they use and they did.  I found I was allergic to
one of them and iffy on one of the others.  However, I found I could use the
opsite IV3000.  You may want to ask for samples and try them before you get
connected.  That eliminates one site problem before it can occur.

Hope this helps 
email @ redacted wrote:
I have problems with adhesives. Whenever i have
> blood drawn or an iv in, my skin breaks out in a red raised rash. They
> now use paper? tape on me. Can paper? tape be used with the pump? If
> not, is ther anything that can be used that won't irriate my skin too
> much. 
>   Linda
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