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Re: [IP] carb counting

When I first started counting carbs I wondered that too Now Im almost convinced
they don't have to be accurate.  If I possibly can I go by my guide the
dietitian gave me (ADA guide)  I have also found some of the carb counting books
depend on the information that companies and restaurants give them.  It also
amazes me that in restaurants that when you ask for nutritional information they
know how much fat is in something but that is all and automatically what to
recommend low fat items (bake potatoes, some pasta dishes)  When you try to
explain to them it is not the fact you are primarily concerned with but the
carbs they look at you like you are nuts.  Yesterday I met my husband for lunch
and ask for nutritional information (they didn't have any)  the manager came out
and said he knew his menu (ha) recommended a low fat baked potato (There is no
way I can eat that with out taking the whole bottle of insulin) I tried to
explain to him that it was too high in carbs for me to eat. Then he assumed I
couldn't eat any carbs and modified what I did order to reduce the carbs.  sorry
for the rant. 


email @ redacted wrote:
> Lois, I wonder if anyone knows anything about the accuracy of all that
> nutrional information now required on packages.  How is it measured?  Who
> measures it?  Does anyone check the accuracy? Is anyone responsible for
> that information?   Until your post, I never really thought about it, but
> now it's a concern, maybe a very serious one.
> <<<<<<<<<<<Wayne-
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