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[IP] Separate Lists???

Dear IP-ers:
     Just tossing in my 2 cents here: Although the ages of those on pump
therapy now runs the gamut from 2 to 62(??), it would "seem" optimal to split
the list into "interest specific " target audiences...BUT....for me
personally, that would defeat my whole purpose for being here. Not only do I
gain wonderful helpful hints to pass on to my 16 yr old pumping daughter about
anything & everything related to pump therapy from the adults, but I also gain
further corroboration of the intangible benefits of PT from the parents of
very young children. My daughter doesn't have the time to peruse all this e-
mail, but I do...so I sift through it & forward the ones to her that might be
useful.....I would also hope that hints that I or Michael or Judy might pass
on to the group about our teenaged daughters' pump experiences might prove
useful for the many adults ( issues like where females "hide" the pump with
snug dresses, etc). The recent "nutritional MISinformation" posted by Sherri
wasn't just an issue for her young daughter eating french fries, but was a
"red light" to anyone using a pump & having unexpected high bgs to consider. A
year after Melissa first started pumping, we attended a pump support group
that now meets bi-monthly. Of the 30-40 people present, she was the only teen
(at age 14 then) but nonetheless she had a whole group of eager adult pump
wanna-bes crowding around to see where she was inserting her infusion set
("love handle" region) because they'd never done that. I stood watching them,
thinking that age was irrelevant because what they all shared, transcended the
usual "age barriers".
So, final 2 cents- I'd suggest the parents of the youngest pumpers, or the
athletic pumpers, or the pumpers with specific complication issues, or the
pumpers hoping to get pregnant, etc. consider "meeting" via IM or ICQ or
private e-mails to continue their shared stories.....But I wouldn't want to
see anyone stop posting to the whole group since there's much to be gained
from everyone's story.  Melissa may only be 16, but luck of the draw
predisposed her to proteinuria, so we've already experienced a kidney biopsy &
she's been on Vasotec for nearly 2 years & hopefully it's STILL doing as great
a job as it was last May (just dropped off the most recent 24 hour
urine...stay tuned!), which is information that may be relevant to much older
pumpers than she.
    Time to hop off the soapbox now....

Regards, Renee
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