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[IP] re:I've got the approval

Um, no Ted, they are not covering the pump itself, just the ongoing supplies.

They are still very backward here <g> but it seems they are actually
more commonly used than a lot of people think. Most of the people
using them are part of trials for hospital research as far as I can
make out (only way to get them covered). I am surprised more people
don't have them anyway, even if they had to pay for them themselves. I
know I would if I wasn't a student. I was prepared to do whatever it
took to pay for the supplies myself even so.

Things are changing here s...l....o....w....l....y

<Ted wrote:>
Great, Diana! Glad it was so easy and they'll actually cover ge
it for you. I always thought it was impossible to get pumps cov
in your country, apparently they're finally learning.

Ted Quick
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