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Hole punches was...Re: [IP] Site duration

Joy Spoljaric wrote:

 The first polyskin also seems to make it hurt a lot less
> when I insert the set.  (by the way, does anyone know if you can buy a
> hole punch big enough to cut the dressings, I have the worst time with
> that-- always end up oval!)

What comes to mind is a leather punch, built something like a pair
of pliers with a wheel on one side that can be rotated to give different
sized punches to hit the anvil on the other side. Not sure how big they
go, though, and may be too small. 

There are also industrial hole punches that are usually hit with a hammer.
They come in many sizes and can be bought separately through industrial 
supply houses and, perhaps, good hardware stores or home supply stores.
Keeping them sterile would be an interesting exercise, though....

Ted Quick
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