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[IP] Endos as specialists (Re Joy...)


A lot of the particulars depend, obviously, on the particular plan you
company offers you.  This likely includes both the coverage for your
costs for your diabetes (even through the first year).  

The other question on endos as primary care physicians...  My endo is a
specialist, but is also listed in our network as a primary care.  I
think that those that do this are doing so to increase the number of
patients that they can see.  For a number of years I only saw my primary
(general internist).  When I developed some issues that needed more
specialized care, I moved on referal to an endo.  Now I see him almost
exclusively (I don't have many problems beyond diabetes).  Bottom line,
as you shop for a doctor, look not only for an endo, but look for one
who is also listed as a primary care.

Good luck,

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