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Re: [IP] The roller coaster has begun.....day#6

Duck And Barb wrote:
> Now, my problem.....We are using the Silhouettes for Erica, prepped with
> EMLA creme left on for one hour. 

Something I've been wondering about: Is EMLA cream really the only thing
to use for this? Seems like Anbesol, which deadens tooth pain and is
non-prescription (plus fast acting) might be appropriate too.

 The spot she wants us to use is above
> the beltline on her tummy.  So, it is a few inches from the bellybutton
> but on the same line of 'latitude' for want of a better description.

There is actually a kidney shaped are on each side of the navel, curved 
around to right and left. It's weasy to see on most people since it curves 

> Anyway, she is very slim, not much fat there but I can pinch a good
> chunk up for insertion.  Does anyone else out there have 'alligator'
> skin? 

Sounds like you may be pinching too hard on skin that doesn't have 
much fat beneath it. Try doing it softer, or the opposite approach may
work: push the skin down and out, then pput the needle in the middle
of it. Seems some people take shots that way, though I forget the details.

She is on her third set right now, but when I go to insert the
> introducer needle - I am trying so hard to make it 10 - 15 degrees - it
> is like trying to put the needle through leather!  My husband and I have
> both had the same problem and were shocked with the amount of force it
> took to insert the introducer.  

On her it may also helpto engage the needle at a steeper angle, then 
swing it lower before pushing it all the way in. Probably takes a bit 
of practice, the  first part needs to be VERY LITTLE of the introducer 
needle, basically just the sharpened tip below the Teflon canula.

 Oh, that raises another
> question.  On the minimed site they show a human form with sites for the
> infusion sets.  They do not show any sites under the belly button in
> that fleshy area....do any of you use the infusion set there?

Yes, I do, just like I used to do with injections. Strange the chart
(which I couldn't find there) didn't show it, the one mention I fond
about sites said that both navel level and lower areas (not in those words)
could be used. Sounds like they have different writers......

Anyway, the two curved-out raised area on either side of the lower abdomen 
work fine.

> I know I have been writing a few books lately, but forgive me...although
> I have been reading this for so long, I am a newbie at the hands on
> stuff.

Hey, you've got questions, ask away. That's what this list is for, after all.
Everybody here wants the best care for your daughter, I'm sure. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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