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[IP] Nibble Party

Hey Natalie:

when I have the opportunity for a graze fest like this...and I know I am gonna
be eating sporadically for a couple of hours, i will put in a fairly high temp
basal...for example, my normal basal in the early evening is .6 or .7...I will
typically DOUBLE this for the period I am grazing...when I am done, I will
test...If really high, I will cover conservatively, and just check more often
to make sure I am not still going up.  I also have a habit of taking little
boluses...I pick up somethng that looks about 15 carbs, I will bolus a
unit...I know my tendancies at these things are to eat more than I need (hence
my big ole butt...), so I try not to drop too far behind by not compensating
with conservative little boluses along the way.  If it is a LONG shin
dig...ther eis nothing wrong with popping into the loo and doing a quick bg
reading...unless you are bold and brazen like me and do it wherever you feel
like it (just not over the buffet table please...and NO production numbers,

this is the fun part about hte pump - this and SLEEPING IN!!!  I slept til
2:45 yesterday (granted, I hadnt gone to bed until 4:30am - whooo hoooo  - par
tay!!!) and woke up with a bg of 119....

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