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[IP] thanks, Rodney and an idea

To everyone who has written kind words to me during my recent eye
frustrations...thank you so much...I know you all understand and just the vent
alone made me feel better, but to come back in here the next day and see all
the words of support and kindness and love, made me feel so much
better....even if I still can't see S**T

and Rodney, you are SUCH an inspiration to so many of us...I wish there was
something they could do to aleve some of your pain!!  You are always in what
passes for my prayers 

What we need to do is get as organized as Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids -
this is a national organization based in my building here in NYC...they put on
these HUGE gala events throughout the year raising $100s of thousands of
dollars!!!!!  They have a SMALL office, not a lot of people IN the actual
office, but the support of ALL of the NYC theatre world.  You get a few
Broadway stars to autograph their underwear and the pocket books come out!!!  

Why can't WE do that???  Surely we could get Alan Cummings of Cabaret or
Christian Slater of Side Man or Judi Dench who just won an Oscar and is doing
a play here in April, to donate SOMETHING...auction it off....I know the Davis
Center in Denver has their big Carousel Ball every other year of so where they
have a GIGANTIC auction, but we need to do it MORE THAN EVERY OTHER YEAR!!
Diabetes awareness needs to be LESS of a special occassion "gala" and more of
an EVERYDAY "ordeal" like AIDs....maybe we could get 25 "stars" to make a
donation of some kind and have an internet silent auction 

Kee spreading the word about IP...youare computer literate...make a flyer and
post it at your doctors...get your doctors and support groups on here...write
letters to Ann Landers and your congressman, and your local paper....We can
not be silent while people like YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU still have the
strength and positive attitude that this thing can be beaten.

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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