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[IP] missing cycles - girlie stuff

we have been talking about young girls not having regular cycles...I know they
say this is probably just normal and there is no reason for alarm....BUT
(there is always a but)

I started the hell and fire at age 16 (late bloomer always), and you could set
your watch by me for the first year....then senior year in highschool, they
went haywire.  2 months without, one month with two...4 months without, and so
forth.  I never told anyone cuz I never thought it was so bad to miss one!!
In May of my senior year, I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease - aka as
hyperthyroidism, another malady of hte endocrine system...one of the results
or indicators or whatever the hell the word I am searching for, is irregular
or missing periods...

Once I started treatment, they were back, right on track, in line with the
full moon, except when I lived in a sorority house when I joined the rank and
file of "lemming."  maybe it is so when we need a tampon, someone else is
BOUND to have one!!

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