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Re: [IP] I've got the approval!

Great, Diana! Glad it was so easy and they'll actually cover getting
it for you. I always thought it was impossible to get pumps covered
in your country, apparently they're finally learning.

Ted Quick

Diana Maynard wrote:
> Just had to tell you all that things are going ahead with my pump.
> I saw my doctor this morning and broached the subject for the first
> time, armed with a list of reasons. he didn't even ask why, he just
> said "fine, if that's what you want". Also, the clinic will ay for the
> initial cost of the supplies and they will then try adn convince my GP
> to prescribe them for me, so he said I shouldn't have to pay anything
> at all for them.
> It appears there is a nurse who is trained in pump therapy, so I just
> have to call her up when my pump arrives and we will gpo ahead with it
> all. I'm sooooo excited! I know there are bound to be problems at
> first but at least now I have the support, both technical and
> financial, I feel so much happier. I can't believe this is all
> happening so fast!
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