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Re: [IP] The roller coaster has begun.....day#6

>  That will do for now, we may
> try mixing insulins at a later date.

As a parent, I would encourage you to try this if you think it will 
help. Mixing in a H/V 5/1 ratio has very little effect on the 
absorption and characteristics you see with the insulin. It may help 
the sets live longer.

> Now, my problem.....We are using the Silhouettes for Erica, prepped
> with EMLA creme left on for one hour.  The spot she wants us to use
> is above the beltline on her tummy.  So, it is a few inches from the
> bellybutton but on the same line of 'latitude' for want of a better

Girls (my girl) will want to hide the set and any potential scarring 
and healing marks below the belt line and future bikini line. The 
tissue there will have a little more fat and should be easier to 
insert into.

> Next insertion will be at the back pocket
> area, 

Nope, not directly on the butt. The muscle underneath moves too much 
and the site will not last. Use area just above the buttocks about 
even with the point of the hip or a little lower and to the back. It 
is nice and fleshy without too much muscle beneath it.  Lily rotates 
her sets between there and the lower abdomen.

> They do not show any sites under
> the belly button in that fleshy area....do any of you use the
> infusion set there?
Lily has been using that area since dx'd at 11. There is about a 3-4" 
diameter area on the left/right side below the belt line that works 

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