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[IP] The roller coaster has begun.....day#6

Hi everyone, I'm in need of some words of wisdom.  Reality has set in,
the tail N is all gone, and we discovered that Erica can only get two
days out of an infusion site.  That will do for now, we may try mixing
insulins at a later date.  We just have to do a little bit at a time.

Now, my problem.....We are using the Silhouettes for Erica, prepped with
EMLA creme left on for one hour.  The spot she wants us to use is above
the beltline on her tummy.  So, it is a few inches from the bellybutton
but on the same line of 'latitude' for want of a better description.
Anyway, she is very slim, not much fat there but I can pinch a good
chunk up for insertion.  Does anyone else out there have 'alligator'
skin? She is on her third set right now, but when I go to insert the
introducer needle - I am trying so hard to make it 10 - 15 degrees - it
is like trying to put the needle through leather!  My husband and I have
both had the same problem and were shocked with the amount of force it
took to insert the introducer.  We did insertions on each other and did
not encounter the same problem at all.  You'd think old birds like us
would be tougher!  The third set, which I just put in a few hours ago
after a night of high BS boluses (we tried to let it go 3 days) seems to
be working.  Her sugars are finally going down.  When the first two were
withdrawn, there was no crimping, although the second one did have some
blockage in it because that was the one which we tried to extend past
two days.  She was getting some insulin and even with blood sugars  of
18mml (324US) there was not even a trace of ketones.  Mind you, I was up
all night and had to give her 3 high BS boluses.  Boy am I tired.

So even though it is incredibly hard to pierce her skin, the cannula
doesn't crimp and blood sugars are in a good range if we keep it down to
two days.  Is she just too muscular there?
Do you think if I made the pinch much firmer that I could get it in
better?  Although I do have it pinched up, and I thought it was pretty
firm, when I go to insert the needle her skin goes with it.  It looks
like waves at the front of a boat...trying hard to describe this....  It
is like there is no lubricant on the introducer needle and it moves the
skin quite a bit before it finally goes into it and then it requires
quite a bit of force to insert it all the way.

I knew there would be days like this :*(   But...couldn't they have
waited a bit longer?  Next insertion will be at the back pocket area, or
in the fattier tissue under the bellybutton.  Oh, that raises another
question.  On the minimed site they show a human form with sites for the
infusion sets.  They do not show any sites under the belly button in
that fleshy area....do any of you use the infusion set there?

I know I have been writing a few books lately, but forgive me...although
I have been reading this for so long, I am a newbie at the hands on

Thanks in advance pumpers!

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