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Re: [IP] carb counting

Your suggestion regarding contacting Ore Ida was good, but I hope Sherri gets
more satisfaction than I did in contacting Cooking Light about their
nutritional analysis!  I use the information in Cooking Light about 4-5 meals
per week, so I decided to get their software to make it easier to find
recipes, ingredient lists, etc.  Part of a recipe was missing, so I had to
refer back to the original print material and was I ever surprised to find
that the carb content was completely different from the content listed on the
software version for the exact same recipe!  I wrote to Cooking Light and was
told that they did not have a large enough database for the program and that
any ingredient which was not listed in the database was counted as -0-.  Even
after I explained how VERY important these numbers are to those of us
regulating our medication based on these figures, their only response was
"Thanks for letting us know"  I now use only the print version of their
recipes and recalculate all ingredients based on labels if it doesn't look
right.  I guess unless someone lives with the results of errors in these
nutritional analyses day to day, they really don't understand their
importance.  The differences were not just  5 or 10 gms, but a difference of
double the amount of carbs per serving compared to what was listed in the
computer program they sell, so a pasta dish with a carb count of 70 on the
magazine is listed as 35-38 in the software version.  Yikes!!!  
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