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[IP] Question Concerning Reuse of Rapid Infusion Set

Hi Jack!  Your question was a good one and one that I have been asked
frequently.  The Rapid infusion set (and all others for that matter) was
designed for  "one time ONLY" use.  As Bob Burnett stated so well in his
response to you, to reuse an infusion set would be equivalent to setting
yourself up for a major infection.  Not only would you run the risk of
infection but you also run the risk of nondelivery of insulin due to the
problem which made it necessary to change the site in the first place.  When a
needle pierces the skin, a very small amount of tissue may be "plugged" into
the lumen of the needle.  If you use the same needle to pierce another tissue
site, you would then possibly have two plugs to deal with, not to mention the
possible bacteria contained in the two plugs.  It would be my strong
recommendation that you not reuse infusion sets.  The only possible exception
would be if there is a dire emergency and you are miles away from home without
an extra infusion set or syringe.  Then, of course you must change the set out
as soon as possible.  In no case should it be used for more than a couple of
hours.  You would have to monitor your blood sugar very frequently.  Again, I
emphasize that this would be in an emergency situation ONLY.  Too much is at
stake to risk using this as a common practice!  Thanks, Fran  
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