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[IP] I've got the approval!

Just had to tell you all that things are going ahead with my pump.
I saw my doctor this morning and broached the subject for the first
time, armed with a list of reasons. he didn't even ask why, he just
said "fine, if that's what you want". Also, the clinic will ay for the
initial cost of the supplies and they will then try adn convince my GP
to prescribe them for me, so he said I shouldn't have to pay anything
at all for them.

It appears there is a nurse who is trained in pump therapy, so I just
have to call her up when my pump arrives and we will gpo ahead with it
all. I'm sooooo excited! I know there are bound to be problems at
first but at least now I have the support, both technical and
financial, I feel so much happier. I can't believe this is all
happening so fast!


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