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Re: [IP] carb counting

Sherri wrote:

<< The nutrition guide on the bag of Ore Ida crinkle frozen fries said
"approximately 15 fries" (or 84g) = 120 calories and/or 19 carbs.  Great  I
thought!  Until i pulled out my handy dandy scale and weighed out 15 fries.
The scale read 180.  I thought NO WAY.  So I kept taking fries off until I
was in the 84g range and ended up with 8 fries. 8 lousy FRIES!!!!  
 I weighed them frozen. The bag doesn't indicate whether the gram weight is
calculated frozen or cooked >>


You're right, the package isn't clear enough.  In this case, though, I
would bet that they mean for you to weigh them after they are cooked.  In
cases like these, if all else fails, I use my "half-cup rule".  More often
than not, a half-cup equivalent of starchy foods comes in close to 20 grams
of carbohydrate.  Now you just have to try to imagine if the 15 fries would
fit into a half-cup measure if you broke them and stuffed them in.  :-)
Not too appetizing, but you can probably guess. 

In some cases, if the product has a uniform size and shape (I'm thinking of
"tater tots" here) I figure out how many carbs are in each piece and then I
don't even bother weighing them.  For tater tots, I've found that each one
has 2 grams CHO.  YBMV (your brand may vary).

Mary Jean

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