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Re: [IP] Stop the itching!!!(part 2)

Tonya, yes an allergy could take years to develop.  We have lab techs here
who suddenly develop allergies to mice after working with them for years.
But it is not certain.  You should experiment with pure V or R for a week
or two, and if it does go away, so see that intelligent allergist.

>>>>>O'kay...so I COULD possibly be allergic to Humalog?!?!?  BUT...I forgot
to mention I have been using Humalog for years...I was in the trial
study before it was actually officially released.  Could I STILL be
allergic to it?  I do NOT mix, I use straight H.  I know something is
not right, but I can't pin point it?!?!  Scratch, scratch, scratch :-)
Arrgghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   -Tonya D.>>>>>>>>

* Wayne *

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