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Re: [IP] carb counting

Sherrie, this is a very important issue.  Why don't you call Ore Ida or
their parent company and ask for some clarification?   I've often wondered
myself about the accuracy of that information on packages.  I wonder if
there is anyone actually checking that out.   The FDA?   Anyway, let us
know what Ore Ida says about that.

<<<<<<<At noon today I decided to fix the family a quick and easy meal of
burgers and
fries.  The nutrition guide on the bag of Ore Ida crinkle frozen fries said
"approximately 15 fries" (or 84g) = 120 calories and/or 19 carbs.  Great I
thought!  Until i pulled out my handy dandy scale and weighed out 15 fries.
The scale read 180.  I thought NO WAY.  So I kept taking fries off until I was
in the 84g range and ended up with 8 fries. 8 lousy FRIES!!!!    Not only did
this concern me as far as carb counting goes but it also seems to be a bit
misleading to the general public as well who are watching caloric intake for
their weight.  I admit I am using a cheap 5 dollar scale from Walmart so there
could be an innacuracy problem with the scale but I doubt it is off as much as
80gs.  I weighed them frozen. The bag doesn't indicate whether the gram weight
is calculated frozen or cooked

* Wayne *

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