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[IP] Re: your mail

> I am going to be graduating from college in May :) I will be going off 
> of the health insurance plan (Blue cross, blue shield) that I have had 
> since birth.  I have accepted a job which will provide me with coverage.  
> First, I would assume that diabetes is a pre-existing condition. 
> Therefore most of the plans require a 1 year period before coverage for 
> these conditions starts.  The other plans are HMO's or PPO's (YIKES!) 

As long as you DO NOT have a coverage lapse, the new plan is required to 
take you without a waiting period for any pre-exist if they take you at 
all. Most employer plans don't have a choice, though a few smaller ones 
can refuse to accept you at all. Do what ever it takes to keep your 
coverage in force until you are on the job.

> What kind of fight can I expect from them? Is there any way I can find 
> out if supplies will be covered before I pick a plan?  
Yes, ask for a sample policy or ask the carrier if they are covered and 
get a written response. Again, most plans cover these things even though 
they may initially say they do not.

> Are Endos 
> considered primary providers????  
Depends on the plan. For HMO's, usually not. But there are exceptions and 
sometimes if your health requires, you can use the endo for primary care 
instead of a GP. For ppo's it does not matter.

> I am just a little nervous about how 
> all of this works, I feel like they are holding all of the cards and i 
> am just here in the dark!! 
Your not alone. I've been in the dark half my life heh... heh...
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