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Re: [IP] Same Disetronic Rapid infusion set, different site.

Jack wrote:

>Disetronic Rapid users: Say you loaded up with fresh insulin and a new
>infusion set yesterday.
>Then today the site goes bad.  Do any of you pull the needle, clean it,
>pick a new site, clean it, and use the Rapid over?  When I used needles, I
>never disinfected the site and I used the needle until it got dull.  Capped
>it of course.  In 1000's of shots, I never go an infection.
Frank had excellent advise against this practice, due to the risk of
contaminating other infusion sites. There is probably a reason your first
site has "gone bad". Changing the set eliminates one of the variables while
you troubleshoot.

The practical answer is you really cannot do this anyway, since the tape on
the back of the Rapid set wouldn't adhere to the new site.

I re used needles for many, many years. They did not stay in my body for
any length of time, compared to infusion sets, which stay in place for 2 -
3 days. Pumping is a different ball game. I tend to do most things by the
book and have never had an infection in 3 years of pumping. YMMV.

Bob Burnett

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