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Re: [IP] (Fwd) hi

Dear Amy:
The pump gives you a degree of freedom that you just can't get with shots.  I
am a new pumper myself (since 12-98) but within 2 weeks the benefits were very
obvious.  Just a couple of suggestions, if you decide to do it, wait on buying
a lot of the accessories because most you probably won't use.  Regarding the
blood meter, I have found the profile to work well with the addition of the
optional software for tracking and charting.  If you are thinking about buying
the new Accu-check complete, I received one free in the mail after getting the
mini med.  
	The Minimed comes with several different infusion sets but the short 24" soft
set QR's are really great if you have a busy lifestyle, and at age 15 I am
sure that you do!  You can disconnect from the pump in a second and reconnect
just as quickly.  
	Good Luck if you try it I am sure that you will love.  The added freedoms
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