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Joy Spoljaric wrote:
> Since you folks seem to have been through it all, maybe you can give me
> some helpful hints or maybe ease some of my fear (no horror stories
> please, I think I already have an ulcer over this!)

Oh well, tension doesn't really cause ulcers, it's caused by a virus.
> I am going to be graduating from college in May :) I will be going off
> of the health insurance plan (Blue cross, blue shield) that I have had
> since birth.  I have accepted a job which will provide me with coverage.
> First, I would assume that diabetes is a pre-existing condition.

Not anymore it isn't. A Federal (USA only) new law was passed several 
years ago that makes it illegal to move you into a new medical plan
from an existing 1 and make you run the course of "pre-existing condition"
rules. They can't do it, you just need to be sure to verify the coverage 
you had when you sign up. It's best to do it as soon as you arrive, but 
beware that you need to have coverage carried through the first few months
when the new employers coverage is not yet available, usually either 3 months
or 6 months.

I believe you can get COBRA coverage from your parents coverage to carry you
through the interrim. Be sure to get it nailed down NOW to avoid trouble later, 
or you might get stuck with the uncovered year. You'll have to pay for it for
few months, but it beats having to pay for a year!

The other plans are HMO's or PPO's (YIKES!)
> What kind of fight can I expect from them? 

None, if you carry the coverage till they start (as above).

Is there any way I can find
> out if supplies will be covered before I pick a plan?  

They really need to give you this info before you pick a plan, but these DO
tend to be vague.

Are Endos
> considered primary providers????  

Not usually, but may be in some plans. The coverage booklet gives this info, 
and I'm sure you can get a look at the different ones available if you ask.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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