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No Subject

Since you folks seem to have been through it all, maybe you can give me 
some helpful hints or maybe ease some of my fear (no horror stories 
please, I think I already have an ulcer over this!)  

I am going to be graduating from college in May :) I will be going off 
of the health insurance plan (Blue cross, blue shield) that I have had 
since birth.  I have accepted a job which will provide me with coverage.  
First, I would assume that diabetes is a pre-existing condition. 
Therefore most of the plans require a 1 year period before coverage for 
these conditions starts.  The other plans are HMO's or PPO's (YIKES!) 
What kind of fight can I expect from them? Is there any way I can find 
out if supplies will be covered before I pick a plan?  Are Endos 
considered primary providers????  I am just a little nervous about how 
all of this works, I feel like they are holding all of the cards and i 
am just here in the dark!!

Joy Spoljaric

DM since '82 at the tender age of 7
Pumping since May 97
a1c's still suck :-(
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