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Re: [IP] Nibble Party

Natalie was asking about how to cover snacking at parties:

Once you get your basal rates and insulin / carbohydrate ratios nailed
down, this gets a bit easier. There are a number of ways that pumpers
handle "grazing" at parties. Here are some suggestions:

1)  Bolus to cover the average amount of carbohydrate in the most readily
available food at the party. Figure your bolus based on the food you can
see is available. If you compute your bolus on what you think will be
served, and that food is not served, then you'll be dining on glucose tabs
(been there, done that) <g>.

2)  Bolus a little bit as you go along. If using Humalog, you might want to
bolus a bit of time after you snack, rather than risk bolusing in advance
and ending up short on the food side of the calculations. If using
Velosulin or Regular (I use Velosulin), try a small bolus in advance of
your first snack, perhaps decreasing your lead time a bit (again, you don't
want to come up short on the food side of things).

3)  It might help to put the snacks in a small cup or glass, so you can
visualize what you're eating. It helps you measure things, so you have a
better idea of how much insulin you'll need to cover yourself.

4)  Take some time to learn average carb counts of typical party snacks -
pretzels, crackers, for example. This eliminates some of the variables as
you go along, if you can work with data you're already comfortable with.

5)  Remember that multiple boluses over a period of time tend to "overlap"
and the insulin accumulates, due to the "tail" effect. Even Humalog has a
tail that can catch up to you a couple hours into a party. The effect is a
bit more pronounced with Regular or Velosulin. This can drop you lower than
you might expect. Sometimes it's too easy to simply hit that button and
bolus, forgetting that you already did this several times during the party
- ooooops!!!

6)  Snack conservatively and try to check your BG during the event.

I make a habit of checking my BG before I enter the party, so I know where
I'm at to start with. I check when I can during the event, and definitely
as soon as I leave, before I drive home.

I try to relax a bit and not be too aggressive with my insulin regimen.
This works pretty well for me.

Good luck :-)

Bob Burnett

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