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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #882

Hi Linda....My name is Sue and I was dx 2yrs ago w/type 1 at the age of 31. I
have 2 very healthy,active kids(9 y/o Chris + 5 y/o Courtney) that keep me
busy with all their activities. I'm also using nph + humalog between 4-5
times/day,and when I was diagnosed,had been working 3rd shift for about 2
months....worked 3rd for about 1 1/2 yrs until last June....now I work mostly
2nd with some daylight scattered in my schedule here + there(I dispatch for
911 in Pa) Not on the pump yet,but am considering it in the very near
future,mainly for better control of my bouncing sugars. Good luck with your
pump and let me know how you make out....definitely sounds like a step in the
right direction.											Have a great day:):):)   Sue

<< Hi all! My name is Linda and I was diagnosed in 1992 at the age of
 22.(during my 2nd pregnancy) I was orginally told I had gestional
 diabetes and they stoped my insulin when I delivered at 35 weeks. Well,
 I guess they were wrong. Currently i am on 4-5 shots daily of nph and
 humalog, but I recieved my minimed 507 last Friday and hope to start on
 it soon. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has the pump and who
 works non-tradional hours. I currently work 3rd shift.
      I also have 3 children ages 7,6,and 23 months (opps forgot the
 cat). Feel free to e-mail me with your responses.
    Linda >>
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