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[IP] Trial period for pumps

After reading several posts in which a person got a "loaner" pump or had a
trial period, I just wanted to know how you go about doing this.  Does the
doctor order it and/or do you just work it out with the company?  Also, how do
some people get free software to go with their meters?  I am still pursuing a
pump for my son, Josh.  We have the "Pumping Insulin" book, an appointment
with the dietician (who is in the office that does the pump training here),
and an appointment with Josh's endo on May 27.  I would really like to have
been able to start on spring break (April 5), but guess we will have to wait
until sometime in the summer.  Josh is going to Belize for field school on
June 23 for two weeks, so guess we will wait until he gets back.  Any info is
much appreciated!  I have learned so much from 'lurking'.  
Annette,  KY (GO BIG BLUE!!!) RN,  son dx'd 8/91, not yet on pump, but hoping
for one soon.  
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