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[IP] Nibble Party

Well,  last night, I went to a party, where they were serving little
nibbles of delicious stuff over the course of about 2 1/2 hours --
including some luscious cheesecake, some taquitos, some mini-quiches,
and salads.

It was a stand-up affair -- drink in one hand, and plate in the other --
and I didn't have CLUE what to do!!

I was only a bit high (157) when I  finally measured, about 3 hours
after the last bite, so I took one unit of insulin to bring me down --
but I think the food was partly covered by the basal, and partly covered
by my own meager secretion, because I was having symptoms enough to make
me think I'd sat around 200 -250 much of the evening.

So I'm thinking about what might have been a better solution to this
problem.  Maybe a temporary basal a little higher than normal? I really
didn't know what delectable morsel of food was coming next, and I really
couldn't be pulling out the pump and bolusing for every bite!


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