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[IP] news from the underground....

Well, not really the underground but I have been reading this site from
afar since I joined a couple of months ago. I think that pumping is the
best thing since sliced bread was invented. Started with new endo in 11/98,
started new food maintenance plan and have lost 20lbs, and started using
Humulog were bg's stayed, for the most part, below the 200 range. Started
pumping 2/99 and bg,s usually never go above 180, unless I have bubbles,
bad site or I couldn't resist another slice of pizza or that snickers bar,
Started Taebo couple of weeks ago and love it. It hasn't been difficult to
control bg's befor or after exercise. All of this good news and with being
very sensitive to insulin, carbs and so forth. I'll keep the fingers

FYI; Saw a short clip on TV the other night that had four young girls
wearing pumps called the "pump girls". I think they are a singing group. At
least they were singing on this clip, sounded great!! Anyone else heard of
them. With them and Miss America in our corner we might become mainstream
rather then..."How can you inject yourself? kind of people.....
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