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Re: [IP] [Fwd: JDF Washington Report No. 7]

    No need to apologize! We all need to remain apprised of these governmental
activities. The diabetes community is following the example of the Breast
Cancer activists, who followed the example of the AIDS activists regarding the
"squeaky wheel" theory of getting one's "voice" heard!!! No matter how much
"grass roots" fund-raising we may do on behalf of JDF or ADA, it amounts to a
mere drop in the bucket compared to the mega-bucks the government could allot
to CURE research. When I sceptically commented to someone that what difference
would it make if I wrote to my representative, since it might not even be
read, I was told that the letters are sorted by "topic" and are "weighed" to
determine just how much mail one specific subject is generating!!! It sounded
too crazy NOT to be true! LOL...So if it is true, and your representative's
name wasn't on the JDF report list, keep those letters coming!!!!

regards, Renee
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