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Re: [IP] Re: pizza and other high fat foods

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

>    The insulin must be matched to this throughput. It is tough to 
> figure this out, but can be estimated more easily if you approach from a 
> "maximum bolus" standpoint. That is, the bolus size after which you are 
> guaranteed to force a low. Once you know that bolus size you can 

> (392), with high ketones. She should have changed her site the day before, but
> had enough insulin to last until breakfast, so we thought. So, with her
> breakfast carbs, cannula prime, adjustment for high bgs, and extra for the
> ketones, she would have theoretically needed to bolus 18.2 units!!! Not this

Sometimes it just works out right! Careful use of this procedure will 
work most of the time. When it doesn't, don't be bashful about taking 
enough glucose to target 150 and check every 20 minutes. This will 
usually keep bg's above 50 or so even in the worst circumstances.
...mmmmm...I've found that unless you have a huge insulin load, you 
probably want to continue basal insulin to avoid a big rebound later.

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