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Re: [IP] Nedd some basic ideas for pizza bolus with D pump

> >I met a CDE
> > who said that she finds most people have a max dose and
> >anything beyond that has to get split up.

Reading this again as an excerpt suggests I wasn't very clear.  What I was
trying to say was that we have both discovered that there is a maximum amount I
can take at a single bolus (within 1/2 or an hour) after which, no matter how
much or what I ate, I will crash.  This may have to do with the fact that your
stomach and digestive system can only absorb so much food so fast.  For me (but
I'm relatively small) that number is usually 3-3.5  units, although now that I'm
pregnant it seems to be moving much closer to 4 or even 4.5.  The CDE said it is
usually 3 for her (a very slim woman).  I suspect men and children can handle
much more at a time but this will definately be one of the YMMV.  The point
though is that she has noticed a steady pattern that most people have a max
bolus, after which they will crash regardless of what they eat.  The minimed rep
here said that is what the dual wave bolus is supposed to address.

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