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[IP] Re: women cycles and basal rates

One of the first things that I found when I joined this group was the
previously mentioned FAQ. That confirmed what I had suspected all along.
None of my doctors (I had to change twice in the last 2 yrs due to moves,
both mine and my doctors) could give me any help with my fluctuating bgs. I
had begun to suspect hormones played a big part in it and the FAQ helped to
explain it. Roughly 2 to 10 days prior to my cycle my bgs go up. My new
strategy is to increase both my basal rate and bolus/carb ratio right when
this starts. I also increase my testing to watch out for low bgs. What makes
this even more challenging is that my insulin requirements change frequently
during the day (even during normal times...I'm one of those few who uses
(and needs to use) 8 - 10 basal rates) and each meal requires a different
bolus/carb ratio.
This strategy worked pretty well this month. Where normally my 14-day avg
rose to 125-130, this month I was able to keep it to 116!

On the other side of the hormone swing, I usually have a time between cycles
when my bgs drop suddenly. So I need to develop 3 strategies - high, normal,
low. The timing and duration of each is seldom the same. It has taken me
awhile to come to grips with the fact that the only constancy with my
diabetes is change!

dxd 7/81
pumping since 9/96

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