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[IP] Aspertane

According to the University of California, Berkeley Wellness Newsletter
(Vol. 15, Issue 7, April 1999):

"Don't believe the rumors--widely spread on the Internet-- that
aspartame (the artificial sweetener sold under the names Nutrasweet or
Equal) causes not only multiple sclerosis, but also lupus, Alzheimer's
and Parkinson's disease, diabetes, Gulf War syndrome, and brain tumors.
Like other recent Interent-based health "alerts," this one is designed
to scare the pants off you -- Internet terrorism.  It was circulated via
E-mail by an unidentified source (in this case, someone called "Nancy
Markle").  the document is packed with gobbledygook, strange anecdotes,
misused jargon, mysterious doctors selling quack theories, and
impressive-sounding organizations that may or may not exist.
Reputable multiple sclerosis groups and other expert organizations have
denounced the rumors.  Aspartame has been more intensively studied than
almost any other food additive.  Leading authorities, including the FDA,
AMA, and the World Health Organization, have concluded that it is safe.
Aspartame's only real danger is for people with phenylketonuria, an
uncommon genetic disorder -- which these emails never even mentioned."

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