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[IP] Report on Pump Training

Well, I just completed 2 days of pump training, and am now OFFICIALLY a

The pump training was very thorough, and really pretty well-conceived.
They were ultra-cautious -- of course, I didn't need that, but if it
were a long-standing Type 1 with hypo-unawareness, or someone with very
volatile BGs, then I think it's a good idea!

For the moment, I'm cooperating totally, even though the parameters are
WAY too wide for me -- like for example, I'm not supposed to correct BGs
unless they're over 300 and then to correct only to 200 -- yesterday, we
had pizza for lunch, and my doc wouldn't let me try the dual wave basal,
which is one of the major reasons for getting the pump. So I did what I
normally do on pizza -- rode high all afternoon. Again, not extremely --
we did a lab test to check meter accuracy 2 hours after eating -- I was
180, and by 5 PM, 5 hours after eating, I was still only down to 127. 

Basals are also going to have to be adjusted eventually, but since I
don't respond all that quickly to changes, I agree that we should let
things ride until a pattern sorts itself out. 

Most interesting experiment was testing the NURSES' BGs -- I told them I
wanted a baseline -- what do a truly non-DM person's BGs do after

Well, the chubby one started out at 77, was 103 an hour after eating,
and was back to 76 2 hours after eating and stayed there. 

The skinny one, who didn't eat pizza, cause she's trying to lose 10 lb
(for health reasons -- she has some hypertension) started at 94;  ate a
normal lunch, and was 120 an hour after lunch, and down to baseline 2
hours after lunch, but I don't remember the number.

That gives me a reality check, because no, my BGs don't do that -- I
started out at 95, went to 140 an hour after lunch, 180 2 hours after,
152 3 hours after and 127 5 hours after. And this was WITH insulin! So I
guess I have to come out of my emotional denial and admit that I don't
have normal glucose tolerance! 


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