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Re: [IP] Humolog & Velosulin BR

I don't know of any theoretical or experimental evidence that adding a
little V "stabilizes" the H.  There is a good bit of anecdotal reports from
individuals who claim that a mix works better for them, but since almost
90% of pumpers use straight H, there can't be much of a stability problem
with the straight H.   There might be other good reasons for using a mix
(e.g. spreading out the bolus a bit, or site problems), but stability
doesn't seem to be one.  For me, when I did my "clinical trial" last summer
comparing 10 sites with H and 10 with 5:1 H/V mix, there was no difference.
However, as you say Ted , YMMV, and there's no reason not to try a mix if
you are having problems with the straight H.   In medicine the placebo
effect is very powerful, and if you believe something is better, it might
actually be so.    (Yes Peter, I do believe in fairies--clap, clap,clap...

>Some people find that straight Humalog works fine for them, others don't.
>Point of the 5 to 1 ratio is to stabilize the Humalog withour major effect
>on it's timing. Lower ratios are usually used (AFAIK) for the reason you
>though YMMV factors always apply.
>Ted Quick

* Wayne *

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