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Re: [IP] Nedd some basic ideas for pizza bolus with D pump

>Does the D pump have a temp basal?

The D has a temporary basal, but in 18 months pumping, I haven't used it.
In the case of high insulin requirements, doubling .8U doesn't cut it.  I
guess, maybe during illness (or steroids) and without eating it might come
in handy.

>I met a CDE
> who said that she finds most people have a max dose and
>anything beyond that has to get split up.

Also, I read the D maxes a single bolus at 10 U.   When I need more, I split
up the bolus.

This week I picked up a Chicago Pizza (6" personal pan) and Chicago Dog at
O'Hare and ate (bolusing what I thought was normal) them in Austin.  3 Hours
later I read 461mg/dl.  I bolused 17 (twice my normal 1U per 40mg/dl) units
in two dosages (only a few minutes apart) and came down to 91 within 2.5
hours.  Perhaps 3 boluses of 5-8 units would have avoided the high BG, but I
wasn't awake to do it.

Here's probably a good time to have the square wave.  But that meal really
was a pig-out.

>Then, if the total carbs is 2 x or less the max bolus, give the max bolus
with the
>pizza and break the rest up with a temp basal or with 1/2 hourly bolus
doses.  If
>it is more than 2x, my experience is that I have to extend the amount of
time I
>distribute the rest of the bolus over.  Pizza lasts a long time for me -- I
>keep seeing elevated bgs for 12 or more hours.

In Italy last week, I ate pizza and other stuff with lots of olive oil.  Two
hours later I would be in the 200s and unless I double bolused (twice the
algorithmic dose) a couple of times, I would have to single bolus almost
hourly into the morning, and would still be in the two hundreds.

Richard, now back in Austin, Texas
email @ redacted

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