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Re: [IP] Re: pizza and other high fat foods

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Kasey Sikes wrote:

> > Example;   Total carbs 150
> >            Divide in 1/2
> >            Equals   75
> >            Bolus using 1:9 ratio = 8.3
> >            Square wave bolus or temp. basal rate over 3 hours for
> > the            remainder of the 75 carbs (8.3)
> And what do you see as his blood sugar levels at the 3 hr postprandial
> and a few hours later?  I can't seem to get a handle on the high-fat
> meals for Kayla.  Last night we went out and she had a grilled cheese
> sandwich, fries, and a huge hot fudge sundae (no sermons, please).  I
> bolused double what she would normally have gotten and 3 hours later she
> was 311.  Gave a high blood sugar bolus and she still awoke at 497!!!  I
> suppose I may have been off on the carb count, but I don't think I would
> be so far off as to cause such a bad high.  I think it was the fat. Any
> tips would be appreciated...
I bet there were more than 150 carbs there. The hbs will tell you what 
you didn't cover. Hot fudge sundaes have bunches of carbs and so do fries 
(guess how we found out).
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